Miki Agrawal, a bold  and creative entrepreneur

October 20, 2021

Miki Agrawal is a highly motivated entrepreneur and creative visionary. She combines these two traits to unsettle the present state of affairs within different sectors. Her fresh approach to doing things has resulted in successful books and business ventures. Miki Agrawal started her career by attending Cornell University, where she attained a Bachelor of Science…

Simon Denyer, the global journalist.

October 1, 2021

Simon Denyer is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and author. He graduated from Trinity College in 1984 with honors, receiving an MA in economics. He has had a storied career spanning 25 years as a foreign correspondent for Reuters and The Washington Post. At Reuters, he started out as the deputy bureau chief in East Africa,…

Fortress Investment Group Bids For Supermarket Giant Morrisons

September 24, 2021

Fortress Investment Group is an asset and investment management firm headquartered in New York. Serving both 1800 institutional and private accredited investors, Fortress Investment Group has over $53 billion in assets under management. Fortress Investment Group sources and makes investments in private equity, credit, real estate, and permanent capital vehicles. Since its founding in 1998,…

Sudhir Choudhrie Shares His Journey to Recovery Amid Myths Surrounding Heart Transplants

August 27, 2021

It is extremely a rare opportunity for a person to have a second chance in life. This is what exactly happened to Sudhir. Sudhir Choudhrie was diagnosed with a complex heart condition that could only be cured through a heart transplant. He was lucky to get a heart donor. It has been established that by…

Why Fortress Investment Group Has Maintained the Leadership of the Entire Investment Sector

August 27, 2021

It is in the interests of an organization to be the leading entity in the market. However, very many businesses that have been handling some of their operational requirements have not been able to achieve success because they do not know how they can become the leaders of the industry. However, in New York, Fortress…

How Robert Bull is Specializing in Selling Bungalows to Retiring People

August 6, 2021

Robert Bull has been the leading property developer who has been looking to change the way real estate has been operating in the country. He is very focused on ensuring that he has been bringing something that is very different from what other individuals out there in the industry have been trying to offer in…

Hawkers Company Appoints Alejandro Betancourt as The President Even as It Seeks to Broaden Its Market

July 31, 2021

When Hawkers Company kicked off its operations in Spain, it would register increased profits. However, in the following years, it started to register massive losses that were considered as a major drawback to the company. It would later appoint Alejandro Betancourt as its president. This move was considered the prevalent and effective way to revive…

SextPanther is a Distinct and Secure Adult Texting Site with an Outrageous Twist

July 30, 2021

SextPanther is an entertaining option for the multitude of users the company enjoys today. SextPanther has identified a unique niche whose demand has risen tremendously since the onset of the coronavirus crisis. Many people communicate through texting, and SextPanther has tapped into this habit to evolve it and make it a better entertainment experience during…

Energy plus

June 13, 2021

Networking your distribution is generally beneficial regardless of the industry. The same can be said from microanalysis, even to include things like electrical; grids. One pivot point can be integral to an entire network’s success! It takes foresight and planning.¬†