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Mark Hauser Provides Guidance for Stock Market Investors Recap

June 8, 2022

Mark Hauser, a certified financial planner, advises investors to take a much different approach in today’s economy than what the average person does. He has a different strategy, however, one that takes risks that don’t always make your portfolio a sure bet. But Mark Hauser warns investors not to be scared of the risk and…

Andrew Brooks Sinclair’s Announcement of the Launch of a New Collection

May 6, 2022

Introduction Andrew Brooks Sinclair’s announcement of the launch of a new collection was one that most Andrew Brooks Sinclair fans would have been excited about. He has recently announced that he will be selling his brand new watch collection to prove his belief in it and urge others to purchase it. It has resulted in…

Bobby Kotick Making Culture Changes at Activision Blizzard

January 2, 2022

One thing that defines every company in the world is its culture. Even the most successful company can be a toxic place to work unless its leadership pays attention to its social climate. Some companies survive on offering a strong product with good value but in a world driven by social media this is becoming…