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QNET: The Contribution Of Direct Selling In The Economy

June 6, 2022

The contribution of Direct Selling to the economy is enormous. Direct sales companies such as QNET are supplying products and services and generating jobs for people who would otherwise be unemployed. It’s important to note that this industry has created more than 20 million jobs in the last 30 years! The benefits don’t stop there;…

 Why QNET Isn’t a Scam?

April 13, 2022

As stated on the company’s website, QNET provides “unique, high-quality products and services” to clients throughout the world, while providing them with the possibility to establish a sales business through the promotion of these products. As a result of the company’s multi-level marketing (MLM) approach, independent sales representatives can earn commissions based on how much…

Qnet Marketing Supply Chain

February 10, 2022

Qnet is an international company that dispense high-quality goods and services. We boost people’s lives through solutions, power entrepreneurship and build up lifestyles. We supply across the Middle East, south and East Asia, Africa, Central Asia and Europe, thus doing worldwide business. This has eased the enlargement of small entrepreneurs in many becoming visible economies….

Why QNET Is The Leading Direct Selling Company

December 14, 2021

Every economy operates on two pillars which are business and commerce. When there is no constant flow of money, there is no possibility of everyone acquiring a share. A perfect example of a company running smoothly in motion is direct selling. Direct Selling Market QNET is the leading direct selling company, possesses an extensive network,…