Hawkers Company Appoints Alejandro Betancourt as The President Even as It Seeks to Broaden Its Market

When Hawkers Company kicked off its operations in Spain, it would register increased profits. However, in the following years, it started to register massive losses that were considered as a major drawback to the company. It would later appoint Alejandro Betancourt as its president. This move was considered the prevalent and effective way to revive the firm. Alejandro had gained a massive knowledge in managing a firm and has significantly led the company to scale to greater heights.

For Hawkers to significantly revive its operations in Spain, the company would appoint Nacho Puig to take charge of its CEO position. Puig was mandated with business development and making sure that the company’s operations run smoothly without a hitch. The success of the fashion company was not a walk in the park.

This is because Alejandro Betancourt had look for a series of investors to scale up the operations of the company. He was however lucky because the investors together with himself would pump approximately 56 million dollars into the company. With these two individuals taking charge of the company, it has been able to register significant profits in its history.

As a result of good management and heightened business operations, the company has already ventured to over 50 countries across the globe. In its broadened spectrums, the company has majorly heightened its operations in Europe, North America, and Asia. In the year 2018, Alejandro Betancourt would pump more investment into the company worth slightly over 21 million dollars.

This makes him the largest shareholder with a controlling interest of fifty percent. The company has had its fair share of challenges, but Alejandro Betancourt Lopez would always encourage and motivate his staff to never stop trying. He shares his sentiments that falling should not be the end of the road of anyone’s career or business.

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